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While there may still be a few myths about hypnosis, it is now a widely practiced and professionally recognised therapy. Hypnosis has overcome many problems where no other therapy has succeeded.

If you're battling with any issues, such as smoking, weight-loss, anxiety, lack of confidence or low self-esteem, hypnosis might just be the solution!

Hypnotherapy is an effective way to open up new pathways to recovery.

It may well be that just a few sessions could change your life forever. Many people have experienced remarkable outcomes through hypnosis.

You won't be put into a deep trance that you'll never come out of, and you won't turn into a chicken. You'll simply be in a state of relaxation, aware of everything around you, and able to return to a normal state of consciousness at any time. More information is available from my hypnotherapygeelong website at:

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Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we can't see any light at the end of the tunnel. We may have personal or relationship problems that we can't resolve without some sort of help.

As an experienced counsellor, I'm able to help you find a way to move forward in a positive, constructive manner. I'll help you to recognise and acheive the best outcome for everyone concerned.

I offer family therapy, couple and individual counselling, stress management, loss & grief counselling, and help with personal development. More Information


So many of us need reassurance that we are worthwhile and capable in our day to day lives. It's pretty easy to be subjected to the negative influences of life itself or negative comments from other people. We need to rise above these things to really take control of our lives, and to have the confidence and self respect we're entitled to.

Each of us can achieve whatever we set out to achieve if we're confident, positive and persistant.

That's why I offer an extensive range of audio products aimed directly at overcoming negative influences, and really building on the positive aspects of our lives. These are high quality digital recordings designed to get you back on top and give you the power to overcome any obstacles in your way.

I also offer an excellent selection of children's audio products aimed at helping kids with issues that affect their lives. You can see these at