Can Counselling Help Me?


Counselling is often the catalyst to turning negative feelings into positive ones, and can often play a major role in salvaging situations that might otherwise be lost forever. I offer counselling services to couples, families and individuals.

Don’t be sad.Many people find solutions to their problems once they  really focus on them, and then decide to do something positive about them. As a professional counsellor, I'm very well trained, and this training, combined with my experience, enables me to help you find permanent solutions; not just temporary reprieves.

I can help you to see things from a different angle. I help to analyse the real cause of problems in your life, and to assess things from all points of view, not just your own.

Need someone to listen?If you feel that you just can't resolve your situation, that you're just "going around in circles", then its time to let me help you. I offer a completely confidential service, and sessions are conducted in a friendly, informal and comfortable environment. You'll be relaxed and feeling at ease.....and you'll have someone who's interest is in your personal well being.