Originally from the Isle of Man, Rosemary Santos began her career in health as a nurse, working firstly in the UK and then in Australia for over 20 years. During this time she developed a keen interest in promoting positivity as an aid to healing, and has carried this concept through to her work today, helping people to realise their full potential through clinical hypnotherapy and professional counselling.


Rosemary's qualifications include:

Diploma of Professional Counselling; Diploma of Hypnotherapy; Diploma of Stress Management; Diploma of Child Development; Diploma of Shiatsu; Diploma of Holistic Healing.


Choosing a nationally accredited practitioner simply makes sense.

The person you choose to help with your life's issues should be someone who is recognised as a professional in their field, and who has the credentials to be accepted and supported by their industry's association or society.


Over 20 years in nursing laid the foundations for Rosemary's subsequent work in natural health, counselling and hypnotherapy. Today, Rosemary operates a very successful clinic in Geelong and also has a private practice in Ocean Grove, Victoria.