Professional Counselling in Geelong

& the Bellarine Peninsula.

Looking for a Counsellor in Geelong?

See Rosemary Santos - Specialising in Family Relationships, Individuals or Couple Counselling

and Children's or Adolescent Counselling.

Counselling - Geelong or Ocean Grove

Sometimes we all need a little help to see us through. There are solutions to all of your life's problems, but you may need help in discovering what those solutions are. You do have options, but which option is best for you and others around you? So if you're looking for a professional Counsellor in Geelong, I'm sure I can help.

I don't just listen, I work with you to find positive, viable solutions. You'll be given tools and you'll learn valuable skills to help manage your life more effectively - so you get the results you really want. More Info

Hypnotherapy - Geelong or Ocean Grove

Tap into the amazing resources of your own sub-conscious mind, and take complete control of your life. You have the power to change the things that are blocking your progress and preventing you from being truly free. More Info

Amazing life-changing audio presentations for you and your children.

A great Selection of Audio Products

To Help You Through.  

You'll find an excellent selection of CD's and mp3 (instant downloads) available to provide you with positive reinforcement and solutions to life's issues. There are great titles for adults and children. These audio presentations are an invaluable tool to help you overcome whatever hurdle you or your children are facing.

Topics include Anxiety, Self-Confidence, Insomnia, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Self Esteem,   and many others. These are available from our

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